Football Summary


Zion Jackson, Reporter

The football season can be described in one word and that word would “improvement”. The seniors have experienced three different head coaches in their high school career and their third coach turned out to be the best one. Turning their

Noah Whitaker takes his turn at tackling!

1-9 record last year to a 4-6 record this year, their wins include Dayton Jefferson, Millersport, Fairfield, and Fisher Catholic. This year’s football team had five seniors; Noah Whitaker, Blake Spitler, Ian Sinclair, Quenton Blount, and Kent Writesel. After the win against Millersport, the seniors gathered the whole team up and did the traditional senior tackle. Each senior had a family member and or a coach hold a tackling dummy as they ran at it and tackled it for the last time. During the tackle, the entire team stood shoulder to shoulder cheering them on. All the seniors said that their most recent head coach, Hank Paterson, was the best they ever had. Senior captain Noah Whitaker said, “He brings this mentality to the game of never giving up and always fighting to the very end.”

Senior Kent Writsel tackles the dummy.
Senior QB takes his turn at the dummy.
Ian Sinclair wraps the dummy up for the very last time.
Blake Spitler takes his final turn tackling the dummy.