Seniors take the weekend to serve!


The entire senior class and teachers pose for a picture right outside the camp.

Melinda Baker, Editor

Every year the seniors at Grove City Christian take a 5 day trip to Scioto Hills Baptist Camp in Wheelersburg, Ohio. Over the course of the weekend, the seniors partake in a multitude of different service projects. Seniors also attended a chapel every night on the trip with the theme of these chapels being David and Goliath. Seniors were encouraged to face their own Goliath’s head on and leave them behind as they ventured into the rest of their senior year. Seniors started the trip energized and ready to go and ended the weekend tired and drained. Although the trip was a lot of hard work, the seniors and teachers made sure to find the time to have some fun!

Melinda Baker, Hannah Whitaker, and Olivia Fuellgraf pose for a picture in the gym.

The trip to Scioto Hills is referred to as “10:44.” The trip is named after a reference in the Bible, Mark 10:44. The verse talks about being a servant, which is in accordance with the trip because all the seniors do is serve. The seniors helped with a variety of projects including; chopping and splitting wood, assembling and fluffing Christmas trees, cutting and burning bushes, mowing the grass, helping with paperwork, and an abundance of other tasks. Working from early morning to late at night, the seniors were always ready to take a break and have some fun in the ARC, the gym at Scioto Hills. One night on 10:44 seniors competed in a Lip Syncing Contest. The competition was fierce, but Logan McDonald and his crew took home first place after lip syncing to Taylor Swift’s song, “Shake It Off.” This was just one of the memories that seniors took with them as they left the camp and headed home. Another great part of the trip was the opportunity seniors had to reach out to their classmates. Over the course of the weekend, seniors wrote kind notes to one another that were going to be given to them at the end of the trip. Everyone said that it was one of the best parts of the trip! Now, seniors are back at school and eager to go on their next and final trip as a class. In May, they will be headed to Tennessee for a fun-filled week!

Alex Moore and Kendrick Beard were hard at work splitting wood.
Jordyn and Danielle pose for a picture inside the ARC during our free time.
Dalina and Olivia are busy fluffing Christmas trees for the camp.
Mr. Pyles sings at one of the chapels held at 10:44.
QB gets ready to go up on the Goliath swing!
Hannah, Olivia, and Melinda are pictured above practicing for the Lip Sync Contest.
Students and teachers headed outside for a cold game of flag football.
Seniors having fun on 10:44!
Kayla, Anna, and Alycia are suited up and ready to zip line!
Trent and Zach enjoy some time in the ARC playing basketball.
The boys are ready to eat after a long day of working!