Operation Christmas Child


Logan Davis, Reporter

Students working to assemble their boxes.

Chapel on Thursday, November 9th, was all about serving through Operation Christmas Child. We had all of the small groups meet with their groups and make boxes with each other, along with praying for the child who would be receiving the box.

The National Honor Society was in charge of running the operation, with each one of the members running each small group. We also had a dress down day, where all of the proceedings went to the shipping cost to ship all of the boxes out.

Our school made a lot of boxes, in total the entire school managed to make 311 boxes. The high school made about 200, with Freshman getting about 40, Sophomores getting about 35, Juniors getting about 20, and Seniors getting about 45 boxes. Operation Christmas Child was very successful this year and I hope it’s even more successful next year!

Gavin and Gabe pose with their boxes
One small group is working very hard on their boxes