GCCS Students give during the Christmas Season


Pictured above are some of the blankets brought in by students.

Trent Reed, Reporter

Trent Reed is adding his blanket to the collection that is piling up!

The blanket drive this year was a competition for a good cause. The Eagle family was trying to collect blankets for people in need. The senior class won the competition by bringing in an outstanding number of 18 blankets. The Service Club and the Bible teachers teamed up and made this blanket drive successful! The students are looking forward to the next collection coming up at the school, the food drive that starts on December 8 and runs through December 15. Students here at Grove City Christian are encouraged year round to participate in different types of collections and drives that in turn will be used to reach out to the community in a positive way. These blankets will definitely be a blessing to everyone during this Christmas season!

Food driver poster