Where’s Bigfoot?


Olivia Fuellgraf, president of the club, deep in the woods looking for Bigfoot!

Melinda Baker, Editor

Recently, a new club has been founded here at Grove City Christian. Exclusive to only those who believe in Bigfoot, the club was founded by Mr. Jared Pyles and president, Miss. Olivia Fuellgraf. These two members are very passionate about the hunt for Bigfoot and they hope to be the ones that are one day accredited for his discovery. Mr. Pyles and Olivia were able to showcase their Sasquatch hunting skills on the senior class trip at Scioto Hills Baptist Camp. Throughout the trip, both of these dedicated members set time aside to search for Bigfoot and practice their calls. Olivia even claims to have heard Bigfoot respond to her, but unfortunately this cannot be confirmed. As the year progresses, the Bigfoot Hunting Club will continue to make an effort in finding this mysterious creature. They would like to send out a special thank you to everyone who has supported them in their endeavors including; Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. McKay, Melinda Baker, and Mr. McCampbell. Continue to check back with The Eagles’ Claw for updates regarding the club and their findings. Happy hunting!

Mr. Pyles, founder, hiding in the woods searching for the Sasquatch.