Yearbook progress update!


Senior editors Riley Peters and Caleb Sullivan

Tom Suhayda, Reporter

Editors Riley Peters and Caleb Sullivan, both seniors, working on the book

The yearbook staff is making great progress on the Eagle’s Wing yearbook for this school year.  All of our pages for the fall sports and activities season have been finished and turned in.  The staff consists of 13 students and 1 adviser.  There are 3 seniors, 6 juniors and 4 sophomores on the staff.  Mr. Conant is the yearbook adviser.

Fall soccer season pages completed in the book
Juniors Gabe Baugess, Taylor Oda and Brooke Poling working on their pages
Three ways to order your yearbook, online, by phone or by mail.
To order by mail fill out the form you were sent and mail it in.
Senior profile pages being worked on by the editors-need to have a senior portrait, a senior baby image and an image of each senor with friends from the class

**Attention seniors!! We need your pictures for the yearbook. It is very important that you do this by Friday, Feb. 2, 2018. You need to turn in 1 senior portrait, 1 baby picture, and 1 picture with classmates!  You will also need to turn in your 6-7 images for the graduation senior slideshow.

Aaron Wickham and Jake Spegal check over their pages
Atticus Fouts checking yearbook rosters