Is Apple Slowing Down Phones? Sure, But It’s For Your Benefit…


Logan Davis, Reporter

Recently, Apple has been under fire for “slowing down phones,” which is what most articles will mention. Some even think that Apple is just trying to get you to buy a new phone, which isn’t necessarily true. All of this started when a few iPhone users ran benchmarks on their phones and realized they were getting a WAY lower score than they should have been, and came to the conclusion by running some more tests that Apple was slowing down their phones because of battery performance.

It’s a common fact that Lithium Ion batteries (which almost every phone/tablet/laptop uses) degrade over time. They are actually one of the biggest flaws of our advanced generation. IPhones like the iPhone 6 and 6s are common examples of older phones that people are still using, that are victims of degrading batteries because they’re 2/3 years old. I think the slow down was first discovered on an iPhone 6s.

There was an issue on iOS 10 with the iPhone 6s where the phone would just randomly shut off due to the battery not being able to supply enough power to the rest of the phone while doing higher powered tasks. This was a big problem, as you can imagine, which apple fixed by throttling the CPU. Throttling the CPU makes the CPU run slower in order for the phone to be able to work properly. This means that yes, Apple is slowing down their phones, but it’s to keep the phone running properly, not because they want you to buy a new one.

That doesn’t mean that Apple is completely innocent either, though. They should have communicated this to us when it happened or made it easier to figure out if our batteries are degraded (for the less tech savvy). Apple is trying to redeem themselves by offering battery replacements for $30 on phones that have the issue. Apple has the complete right to be able to slow down their phones for you to buy a new one, which isn’t the case, but they would have the right to do so.

This is a very debated topic, but its good to be informed on the issue, especially because this is one of the biggest click baited stories I’ve seen in a long time.