First pep rally of 2018!


The seniors take first in the blanket chariot race!

Melinda Baker, Editor

On Friday, January 26, the varsity cheerleading squad at Grove City Christian hosted an annual pep rally! Students enjoyed this time away from class while being encouraged to go out and support the varsity basketball team at their home game against Wellington that night. The pep rally was very exciting for both the student body and the teachers! All grades were involved with the pep rally along with the band and the cheerleaders. Games for all grades took place at the pep rally, including a game of knockout for any of the seniors who wanted to participate and a blanket chariot race for the high school students and teachers! Students were also very excited because during the pep rally some very special spirit sticks were thrown. These spirit sticks didn’t just include candy, they were coupons for a dress down day! Mr. Crockett and David Morrison were the special MC’s at this year’s pep rally. They really got the crowd involved and excited to be at this annual event!

Middle school cheerleaders also performed at the pep rally.


The band provides some background tunes while the games are being played.
The sophomores get ready to play the blanket chariot game!
Our elementary school is getting excited for spirit sticks!
Taylor Rice leads a cheer for the crowd!