Senior Night!


Alycia Brown, Reporter

Dalina and her parents.
Savannah and her family.
Jessalyn and her family.

The winter sports season has been long and is coming to an end. The girls basketball senior night was on Friday, February 6, 2018. During this night, Dalina Phompengchane, Jessalyn Hoyt and Savannah Carter were represented. They brought the girls basketball teams overall record to 4-18 during their senior season.

Swimming, boys basketball, cheerleading, and air rifle were represented on February 16, 2018. There were two athletes that were involved in swimming this year, Jaiden Whittredge and Martina Baruffaldi. Boys basketball had 7 seniors on the team this year. These seniors included Kendrick Beard, Isaac Harmeyer, Riley Peters, Caleb Sullivan, Trent Reed, Noah Tomlinson, and Noah Whitaker. The air rifle team was also represented. The seniors on this team were Logan Phillips and Daniel Lauron. Lastly, the cheerleaders were represented at senior night as well. Senior cheerleaders included Alycia Brown, Danielle Gallant, Jordyn Glovitch, and Anna Phillips.

Overall, this season went very fast but everyone worked very hard to make it a great season.

Riley Peters and his family.
Anna Phillips and her parents.
Logan Phillips and his parents.
Trent Reed and his family.
Caleb Sullivan and his family.
Noah Tomlinson and his family.
Noah Whitaker and his family.
Jaiden Whittredge and her parents.
Foreign exchange student, Martina Baruffaldi and her mother.
Kendrick Beard and his parents.
Alycia Brown and her mother.
Danielle Gallant and her family.
Jordyn Glovitch and her family.
Isaac Harmeyer and his father.
Daniel Lauron and his family.