How’s the Rifle Team?


Logan Davis, Reporter

The rifle team is now over halfway through their season. They have competed in multiple matches throughout the state and are still competing. As reported in the morning announcements, “Last Friday the Rifle Team won the Inaugural Epic Hoover Cup, out shooting the Greyhounds of Grove City High, 910 to 889.” Also mentioned in the announcements, “The top shooter for the match was senior Daniel Lauron who fired a 243.8, edging out his teammate sophomore Michael Flowers who shot a solid 243. Junior Will Mayhew and sophomore Kyle Martin’s scores of 212 were enough to give our fantastic four marksman the victory.”

The seniors that make up the rifle team are Daniel Lauron, Max Nicklaus and Logan Phillips. The only junior that makes up the rifle team is Will Mayhew. The Sophomores consist of Maddie Babcock, Grace Baumgardener, Michael Flowers, Kyle Martin, Caleb Miller, and William Smith. The only freshman is Kelsey Maxwell.