Right to Read Week!


Alycia Brown , Reporter

Right to Read week has been around GCCS for a long time. This year the theme was “Read for the Gold!” The discovery kindergarten-4th grade were able to participate in this event. The intermediate, however, joined them on Wednesday when illustrator, Steve Harpster, came to visit. The purpose of Right to Read week is to encourage students to read! “Read for the Gold” had the following different themes for each day:

Monday- “Get warmed up for a week of reading!” Wear sweat pants and a sweatshirt with your sneakers.

Tuesday- “Parade of readers!” Dress up as a book character and we will form an Olympic- Sized Reading Train.

Wednesday- “Read Me Day” & Author Visit. Wear a t-shirt with words on it and have fun “reading” it to your friends.

Thursday-  “Hats off to Gold Metal Readers” Wear a hat!

Friday- “Olympic Finish to a Great Week!” Celebrate by wearing jeans and a shirt that is the color of an Olympic ring.

Students enjoyed this reading activity last week. They received a reading contract and if they completed it, they were to get a prize. The prize for this year was a free kid’s meal from Raising Cane’s. GCCS takes things that are very important, like reading, to a fun level and they believe it is a great way to help students understand reading is important.

Kindergarten students dressed up as their favorite book character on Tuesday. Heading to the Reading Train!
Elementary Students showing their shirts with words for “Read Me Day.”
“Parade of Readers!”
Some of the 4th Grade students dressing on “Read me Day.”