It’s a BREW-tiful Day!


Melinda Baker, Editor

This year, there has been a brand new club founded at Grove City Christian, exclusive to high school students only! This new club is called, “Coffee Club.” Established and founded by caffeine lovers, Mr. McCampbell and Mr. Pyles, the Coffee Club meets once a month. They often attend the meetings early in the morning before school at different coffee shop locations around Columbus, Ohio. Although the club might be very small in numbers this year, members have high hopes that the club will grow in upcoming years!

As you all may recognize, founder Mr. Pyles is also head of the Bigfoot Hunting Club, so it is very clear that this man keeps himself very busy throughout the school year with his students! The other founder, Mr. McCampbell, is only a supervisor over this one club but he makes sure to invest all of his time in the Coffee Club. You can find both of these teachers making coffee and sipping away during their school day here at Grove City Christian. They are the perfect founders because they are never seen without a mug in their hands. Current members have said nothing but great things about the club and they are all looking forward to the next meeting.


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