Summer Serving

Alycia Brown, Reporter

Several students at Grove City Christian have decided to do a summer mission trip during the summer of 2018. A couple of students that were interviewed are going to go to Puerto Rico with Grove City Church of the Nazarene on June 23-30.  Makenzie Kisor, a freshman at GCC, is planning on going this summer. She plans to raise as much money as she can by helping people as much as she can. She does not have a set goal, but she wants to raise enough to where she will feel comfortable going and possibly have some extra money for spending while she is down there. Another student, Mercedez Sosa, is attending a mission trip from March 23 until March 29, in Brooklyn, New York with the First Baptist Church in Grove City, Ohio. Her goal for fundraising for this trip is to raise money, not only help with going on the trip personally, but to also help with the homeless within New York. Students are representing multiple different churches this summer! It is very exciting to see how students are going to be serving Christ throughout the year!