Junior Week 2018

Zion Jackson, Reporter

Mount Vernon Nazarene University campus trip for the Juniors.

During the week of March 19-23, the GCC Junior class will be having a special week.

Monday the class will be going to Mount Vernon Nazarene University for a college visit. On Tuesday, they will be taking the ACT test on campus.

Then starting on the 21st of March, the Juniors will be going to Camp Otterbein in Logan, Ohio. The juniors will be there for a total of three days and during that time they will be getting closer as a class and they will learn new things about each other that they never knew. Many of the juniors are excited for the trip mainly because they will have an early Spring Break and they will not have to worry about school for over a week and a half. Check back later for pictures and a video of the Junior Retreat!

Camp Otterbein, Logan, Ohio