What’s chapel been doing?


Logan Davis, Reporter

Brandon Rex
Chapel worship with the Naz chapel band

This year we’ve had lots of different chapel experiences and events. A lot more than last year for sure with the inclusion of class chapels. We’ve kept a consistent schedule this year, going from small group chapel, combined chapel in the worship center with middle school, class chapel (chapel by grade), and then small groups again/seniors go with their Kindergarten buddies.

AJ Gillespie, one of the Junior class chaplains, speaks in chapel

We’ve had a few speakers in chapel this year. These including people such as David Morrison and Mr. Arrell. Worship has also been led by the student band not only in Worship Center Chapel but also in Class Chapels. Chapel has been great this year and we hope it continues to be as the end of the school year approaches!

Brandon Rex
Mr. Arrell, GCC Head of School, speaking in chapel
Brandon Rex
Rev. David Morrison, GCN Youth Pastor, speaking in chapel