The Memory Project


Odette Espinosa, Reporter

The Memory Project is a non-profit charity that encourages art classes to create portraits of children facing challenges in their life. When the children receive these portraits it shows that they are cared for and this fills them with joy. Pictures are collected for a new country every year.

This year the children are from Mexico. Once the portraits are complete they are handed out by the Memory Project organization to the children along with a picture of who created the portrait. On March 5th during the Night of Fine Arts, there was a Silent Auction for visitors to buy student artwork in the church lobby, with all proceeds going to the Memory Project. The bidding started at 7 pm and ended at 8:30 pm. All art pieces were paid for by cash or checks made out to GCCS.  The earnings from the bidding was a grand total of $221!

Top Left: Christian Lautenschleger, Christopher Raven, Kelsey Maxwell,       Kaitlyn Berhardt, Sydney Tackett, Catherine Snyder, Caren Qurioz, Lonny     New                                                                                                                       Bottom Left: Sophie Hoyt, Molly Murnage                                                         Not Pictured: Jelena Hatfield