Powder Puff 2018


Isaac Harmeyer, Reporter

This years edition of Powder Puff at GCC was a wild one. The set up was a playoff style bracket with the seniors playing the freshmen and the juniors playing the sophomores. The winners of the each game would play each other in the final championship game! The juniors and sophomores played in the first game and the juniors won the game 16-0. Then, the seniors played the freshmen in the second semifinal game. The seniors won 14-6, with Dalina scoring both touchdowns leading the seniors to a victory! The final game would be a clash between the class of ’18 versus the class of ’19. After a hard fought battle, the seniors ended up shutting out the juniors 8-0. All in all, it was a fun night with great cheerleading from our boys and good tackles and touchdowns from our lady eagles.