Cavaliers to the Finals?

Logan Davis, Reporter

The Cleveland Cavaliers have just beat the Indiana Pacers, but they still have a long way to go. The Indiana Pacers really shouldn’t have been an issue for the Cleveland Cavaliers at all, but it took 7 games to finally move forward. Cleveland lost the first game against the Pacers, 98 to 80, which was a big surprise, since Cleveland was thought to immediately be able to dominate the Pacers. Clearly it took more than that, with the Cavs losing the third and sixth game to the Pacers as well. In game 7, LeBron scored an insane total amount of 45 points during the whole game! Even though LeBron dominated, the Cavaliers still only won by 4 points, proving that LeBron is really carrying the team. In that game LeBron played a total of 43 minutes, which is a lot. After the game, LeBron openly stated he was tired and wanted “just to go home”.

After the Pacers, the Cavs played two more games against the Raptors. They have won both. During the first game on Tuesday, they won by only one point in overtime and Thursday night they destroyed the Raptors by a whopping 18 points.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing pretty well at the moment. But do you think they will make it to the playoffs?