Special Day for the Freshman!


Freshman complete the group task!

Odette Espinosa, Reporter

On August 24, 2018, all 64 freshman participated in a Freshman Bonding Day! The 2022 class came into school but instead of going to class, they had the whole day to bond with one another. The students started out with ice breaking activities like lining up by birthday, lining up in two lines and talking to the person across from them for 60 seconds! The class of 2022 then were split into groups and received bandannas to designate them to a specific team. There were 4 teams. The blue and black team, the green team, the brown team, and the striped team!

The group unravel their intertwined hands

The students them completed 2 challenges as a team. One of the task was the shoe tower challenge, the teams had to use the shoes available to construct the tallest, most sturdy tower. Another one of the task was blind retriever. The students headed outside and blindfolded their designated partner. The task was that you directed your blindfolded partner around until they could reach the appropriate colored frisbe and return it to the home of the team faster than the next team. The guide is not allowed to use their hands or other body parts to guide the blindfolded partner.

The students then stayed outside and participated in communication activities! There were 4 different stations.  One of the activities required the groups to hold hands while having their backs to each other. The groups then counted 1 through the infinity until one person in the group would get stuck or stutter. The groups then changed into the next station. Station number two was named group juggle. The group will stand in an inward facing circle and toss a tennis ball back and forth amongst the group in a specific order. Once the team mastered that pattern, the supervisor would add another ball to make the task a bit more challenging. Other tasks included standing on a plastic table cloth using only their feet! The team then has to flip the sheet while all the members are still on the cloth.

The teams prepare for the sand volleyball tournament!
The group play group juggle

As the freshman headed to lunch, they had to complete one last task! Multiple horizontal pieces of tape are placed across a doorway, the team then has to cross the door way without ripping or touching the adhesive. Multiple students jumped, hopped, and even climbed their way through! At lunch the students enjoyed pizza, chips, and cookies. After their lunch the students headed out to play sand volleyball. All the activities were scored and evaluated. As the teams competed, the Brown team came out victorious.