Spike Into The Season


highfiving the other team after the game

Savannah Holland, Reporter

Mr Conant
Taylor setting the ball – captain

The GCC Volleyball JV and Varsity Teams are off to a great this start this year! The coaches this year are Coach Bradford, Coach Hardesty, and Assistant Coach Claudia. In total. there are twenty players on the teams. The players have been practicing hard and learning to work together as a team. There is a one new team member for the JV team who is a foreign exchange student this year. Her name is Yuki and she is from Hong Kong. The rest of the team has been very welcoming to Yuki and she seems to be enjoying being apart of such a great team


 It is important on any team to always bring your teammates morale up even if the score is not good. During the games the GCC teammates on the court and on the bench are always cheering each other on. Another thing that is important to the GCC volleyball teams is that everyone on the team is displaying good sportsmanship. As a Christian school it is important that we are an example to others on what sportsmanship is, and the GCC teams are very good at doing so.