First Days Of School

The start of the 2018-2019 school year


Rachel Mitchell, Reporter

August 22nd came faster than anybody could expect. The two and a half months of summer flew by, and left kids all over grove city waiting in anticipation for the Wednesday they would return to school, especially at Grove City Christian. New Freshmen were anxiously awaiting their new teachers and schedules, Sophomores were excited to have one year of high school under their belt, Juniors were excited to be upperclassmen, and seniors were excited to start their final year of school. So how did those first few days of school go for GCCS?


Wednesday, August 22nd, kids arrived at school with all their school supplies and some with their new cars. Immediately upon kids getting to their first period classes, the bell rang signaling the start of the first period of the first day, however then it kept ringing, and then kept ringing. First day of school and the bell had already broken. Multiple students joked that it was a great way to start off the new school year. The rest of the day the entire school was on chapel schedule, and after lunch the students all piled into the worship center to listen to all the new changes going on within the school. Mr. McMillan, and Mrs. Jeffries collaborated to present multiple facets of change including new policies, new dress code changes, and new, raised expectations. The day ended, and students all throughout the school went home with the resonating fact: School had officially begun.

Thursday, August 23rd. The second day of school. High Schoolers were heartened by the fact that the only work going on in classes was syllabus reading and course expectations. Freshman were eager to make it to Friday to participate in freshman bonding, and seniors were eager to make it to Friday to experience their 

last first football game. Thursday zoomed by due to the shortened schedule. After lunch once more, students filed into the worship center to worship God, and listen to speaker David Morrison in the typical Thursday chapels. After lunch, the rest of the school day was uneventful. It ended on a high note with the anticipation of Friday.

Friday, August 24th. The day was here. Friday. The first week of school had been completed and a breath of relief could be heard from students and teachers alike all throughout the high school hallway.

All the freshman gathered into the gym and had lots of fun bonding through activities together. They enjoyed a lunch of pizza, and enjoyed the chance to go outside and play volleyball. The rest of the school was eager for the Friday night football game. The opener for the season. Due to this, the day flew by quickly and Friday night arrived. The student section was decked out in the color black, and the cheers were loud as they cheered their Eagles on to victory. The feeling of winning was rampant throughout every student and the long awaited victory was a breath of fresh air. With relief each student can fully say that the week of August 22nd was a good start to the 2018-2019 year.