Selfless Surrender- The First Chapels


Morgan Iverson , Student Reporter

Selfless Surrender. Those are words spoken by Principle McMillan on August 22, the first day of school, to every middle and high school student. Those two words will also describe chapel messages in the 2018-2019 school year.

The following day, GCCHS had the first chapel of the year. The Naz Band, led by Zack Zaborski and Jared Williamson, sang an upbeat rendition of “How Great Thou Art” to get the service going. After worship, Pastor David Morrison,  the student pastor at the Naz, opened up with John 3:30, the epitome of “Selfless Surrender”. In the third chapter of the last gospel, John the Apostle utters the words, “He must become greater, I must become less.” John was reassuring his followers that they need not to follow him, but to follow Jesus. Pastor David encouraged the students to do the same as they go through not only this year, but life in general. David stated, “We must let go of our desires and grasp onto God’s will and design.”

August 30, the second chapel of the year, was again led by the Naz band, this time led by Jake and Kristin Holmes. The message was given by a man not many students had heard speak before. Pastor Owen Stotts, former pastor at The Naz, told students his astounding testimony. Pastor Owen started out by stating he did not grow up in a Christian home, was a part of the football team, and always causing trouble. Pastor said he always wanted to be “good,” but didn’t know where to find it or what “good” even was. The jaw drop came when Pastor states he was a part of a Mafia for many years. “I never killed anyone,” Owen  begins, “but I was told you hurt people enough to make them wish they were dead.” Pastor confessed that it wasn’t until his neighbor asked him to come to a church service with them that Jesus got a hold on his heart.

The former pastor then ended his message speaking powerful words of Jesus’ love. Pastor Owen Stotts told students to pursue “selfless surrender.” Letting go of self will set you free in Jesus’ mercy and love. A living testament of grace, Pastor Owen proved to students and faculty that Jesus is the only reason he is standing behind a pulpit and not behind bars.