1st Football Game of 2018


Nate Griggs, Reporter

The Football team came out to start the season strong. Right away, the Eagles jumped right into one of the team’s most used plays for Brandon Rex which is a Jet Sweep. This is a play where he gets motioned towards Brett Baker, the QB and takes the ball from Brett and runs up the sideline, which worked only a couple times until the opposing team noticed. Every time Brandon was on the one side, they would do a Jet Sweep so they had to change up the plays early. But, during the first half it looked like it might be a close one with the score only being 13 – 6 with the Eagles being up to end the half.

During the second half, the game starting getting intense with yelling and trash talking. The team looked to be falling apart. Eventually, the team got to the point where the preparation for the season came in when the opposing team looked tired out. Spring Field Catholic Central High School had trouble taking down #24, Christian the running back, which led to many touchdowns. Zion Jackson also had a very good half himself with one interception and one rushing touchdown. But, a lot of the touchdowns could not occur without the amazing offensive linemen. Big congrats to the football team pulling out a dub in the first game of the season against Spring Field Catholic Central High School the final score being 48-6.