GCCS New Teachers 2018-2019 School Year

Olivia Ellis, Reporter

Mrs. Ray is our high school chemistry teacher. She graduated from West Liberty State College. Mrs. Ray taught at New Hope Christian as their Honors Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, and Physics teacher.

Mr. Ipock is our newest high school math teacher. He has a Bachelor’s degree in math and a Master’s in Educational Teacher Leadership from Murray State University. Mr Ipock, his wife and their two children are in the process of moving to Grove City from Kentucky.


Mrs. Dutiel has joined us as our new high school English teacher. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and graduated from Ohio University in Integrated Language Arts and English. Mrs. Dutiel worked as a substitute teacher in a variety of school districts. She and her husband live in New Lexington and are very involved in their church.

Mrs. Ipock has assumed the position as our Spanish teacher. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Education and a Master’s in Teaching Leadership. She graduated from Morehead State University as an Educational Specialist in Educational Administration. Mr. and Mrs. Ipock and their children are moving here from Kentucky. Her family is very involved in their church and volunteering their time.







Mrs. Wellman, RN, BSN is our school nurse here at GCCS. She is a GCCS alumni and after high school she continued her education and graduated from Mount Carmel College of Nursing with a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing. She most recently worked as a nurse at Berger Hospital.


I asked our new staff members the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose to come teach (or work) at GCCS?

Mrs. Ray- Mrs. Ray had taken some time off due to health issues. During her recovery, she did a lot of praying and her friend and fellow coworker here at GCCS, Mrs. Baumgardener, informed her about the available position. Mrs. Ray felt confident in her decision when her favorite verse, Isaiah 40:31, was printed on the inside of a folder given to her by Mrs. Beth Anne Hardy.


Mrs. Ipock- God led the Ipock family to move to Grove City and opened the doors to the teaching positions their family could fill.


Mrs. Dutiel- Mrs. Dutiel felt content in her decision of working here due to the positive and uplifting atmosphere. She said GCCS not only supports her teaching career but her spiritual walk.


Mr.Ipock- Mr. Ipock and his family were presented with an opportunity to help the Pathway Apostolic Church here in Columbus. They chose to search for jobs that would fit their family. The Ipocks want their children to go through Christian education, therefore these positions were the perfect fit for them.


Mrs.Wellman- She has a passion for working with kids in the medical field and knew that GCCS was a Christian environment and would be perfect for her!


2.)What makes GCCS different from any other workplaces you have been in?

       Mrs. Ray- She stated that GCCS is a bigger school than where she has taught prior to here.


       Mrs. Ipock- Mrs. Ipock previously worked in public education. She says “The environment here is much better and there is freedom to serve the Lord and share your faith.”


       Mrs. Dutiel- She was a former public school substitute teacher. Mrs. Dutiel went from a larger workplace to a smaller one. She sees a greater diversity of students here and enjoys sharing scripture and her faith with others.


       Mr. Ipock- Mr. Ipock stated there was a “sense of community and family.” He sees students and teachers encouraging others, ad describes GCCS as an all-around cheery environment.


Mrs. Wellman- Mrs. Wellman says that GCCS has amazing staff and students. Everyone is so encouraging and Jesus is always present in the workplace.


3.) What are you most excited about for your future here at GCCS?


     Mrs. Ray- Mrs. Ray is most excited about getting to know her students and helping the chemistry program grow.


     Mrs. Ipock- Mrs. Ipock is most excited to see her own children attend GCCS and have this educational experience.


Mrs. Dutiel- Mrs. Dutiel is most excited to grow in her faith and grow as an educator. She would like to continue building her career on a firm, Christ-centered foundation.


     Mr. Ipock- Mr. Ipock is most excited to help others grow. He would like to help our students expand their mathematical abilities and grow as individuals.


Mrs. Wellman- She is super excited to get to know the students here and see what God has planned for our school year.