Homecoming Cross Country Meet

Marion and Ruth Gray Invitational at Madison Christian


Prayer and pep talk by Coach Mindy and Coach Mason

Sydney King, Editor

The morning of September 22, 2018, the Eagles arrived at Madison Christian School for their weekly cross country meet. This meet was special for two reasons. For one, this was a new course they had never ran before. Second, that evening was the GCCS Homecoming dance!

The conditions were rainy, wet, and cool. It was going to be a fantastic race. The high school boy’s race began first. After a thorough warm-up and pep talk by Coaches Mindy Bankey and Mason Sturm, the guys were ready to go. After finishing a hilly and mud covered course, Colton Sisler finished in 12th place with a time of 20:49. Dylan King placed 17th with a final time of 22:04.

The GCCS Varsity Girls stayed hydrated and warmed up. They were ready to run. Following a prayer and a last minute encouraging speech, the girls were off! Rachel Mitchell, GCC’s strongest runner, finished 11th in 23:43, gaining 11 points for her team. She cheered on her other teammates after she had completed the race. Maddy Bliss came in next in 24th place with a time of 26:57. Coming in shortly after was Sydney King, 25th place and a time of 27:18. Maggie Isner, Hannah Allen, and Natalie Bankey finished within 30 seconds of each other. They stuck together and pushed through the tough course!

The cross country team had an exciting meet and were ready to dance the night away at homecoming that evening. Their hard work and discipline has paid off this season. For the rest of the season, we’re looking at many personal records and amazing finishes! Great job Eagles!


High School Boys getting ready to race
Juniors Hannah Allen. Natalie Bankey. and Maggie Isner pushing each other throughout the race






Lead runner Rachel Mitchell on the last stretch!



Sydney King on the home stretch!
Maddy Bliss giving it all she’s got!
Prayer and pep talk by Coach Mindy and Coach Mason
Hannah Allen coming in to the finish!
Maggie Isner kicking it in at the finish line!
Natalie Bankey sprinting to the finish line!


Start of the high school girl’s race
Freshman Dylan King channels his inner Usain Bolt
Dylan King and Colton Sisler – the dynamic duo!
Waiting in anticipation
Start of the boy’s race
Junior Colton Sisler soaring like an Eagle all the way to the finish!