Seniors Making A Mark

The class of 2019 added their hand prints to the GCCS wall of hand prints


Rachel Mitchell, Reporter

Monday the 24th. The 2019 graduating seniors trickled down from the worship center and prepared for one of the most signifying events of being a senior. Today was the day they were putting their hand prints along the walls. The walls of the school some have walked through since kindergarten, and some just joining GCC for senior year. Either way, the blue hand prints adorning the right wall of GCCS, spanning back to 2008, is a mark of history for every student that has graduated from GCCS.

I talked with Gidgyt Hartman, a senior, and asked her about her experience on Monday.

1) What teachers were present for the hand prints being added to the walls? 

  • Mr. McMillan, Mrs. McKay, Mrs. Jeffries and Mrs. Gillespie were the teachers present.

2) How long did the whole event take? 

  • The whole event took about 2 hours.

3) Can you describe your experience for me? 

  • Monday was a lot of fun and I had a great time putting my hand print on the wall next to my closest friends. It also gave me a reality check that I am a senior and need to get my plans together for after high school so that I can get scholarships and be accepted by the school of my choice. But overall it was very fun and will definitely be memorable!

4) Who painted the hands for the seniors? 

  • Mrs. McKay painted our hands for us.

5) Was there a specific order people went in? 

  • There wasn’t a specific order, everyone just lined up in the hallway and took turns going up the ladder and putting our hand prints and names on the wall.

6) Were you allowed to place your hand anywhere you wanted?

  • Yes, you were allowed to place your hand anywhere as long as it was on the wall specifically designated for our hand prints.

7) Overall how did this event make you feel? 

  • It made me feel happy because I finally got to put my hand print on the wall, excited because it’s my senior year and I will get to leave my legacy at the school, and also a little sad because this is my last year in high school with all of my amazing friends.

8) Are you excited to be a senior? 

  • I am excited because senior year is supposed to be very fun and exciting with all of the college applications and class trips. It is a little nerve wracking trying to figure out where you want to go and what you want to do, but it’ll be worth it in the future. I also feel that senior year causes everyone to get closer because we know that we have limited time with each other and we are trying to make this year the best.


Overall, the tradition of the senior class hand prints is a very important right of passage for seniors at Grove City Christian. It is their own way of not only making a mark on a hallway, but the beginning of them making a mark on the world.