Homecoming Dance


Savannah Holland, Student Reporter


Homecoming Dance

Gidgyt Hartman and Jacob Brunney

                       This year’s homecoming was a great night for everyone who attended. All of the students had so much fun dancing and laughing with friends. This year’s theme was Arabian Nights and those who were involved in the decorating did a fantastic job. The gold and white Arabian decor made the gym look magical.  There were lights, drapes and big columns at the entrance of the gym where people could take pictures with their dates and friends. The tables were also decorated in an elegant black tablecloth with cute colorful centerpieces. The students sat at their tables and had a good time with their friends as they had a delicious meal.  Lots of memories were made and students were able to bond with their peers. This year’s homecoming queen and king were Gidgyt Hartman and Jacob Bruney. They looked great in their crowns and were so happy to be the seniors that were elected.

Brandon Rex and Ethan Metsker



Mercedez Sosa and Zaria Jackson






Brett Baker and Calista Manns