Homecoming Court


Spirit Court 2018

Janelle Daniels, Student Reporter

King and Queen
Brett Baker and his family
Katie Jacobs and her family
Calista Manns and her family
Connor Maxwell and his family
Brianna Rielly and her family
Jacob Stoneking and his family
Taylor Oda and her family
Josh Vanecko and his family
Lucy Marie and her family
Connor Benson and his family
Juliana Hunt and her family
Seth Ortega and his family
Gidgyt Hartman and her family
Evan Bowmen and his family
Jacob Brunney and his family

Homecoming court was nominated by the students Throughout the week by voting. The King and Queen was only one couple out of the five seniors which was Gidgyt Hartman and Jacob Brunney!

Junior: Juliana Hunt and Seth Ortega, Senior: Gidgyt Hartman and Jacob Brunney, Katie Jacobs and Jacob Stoneking, Taylor Oda and Josh Vanecko, Calista Manns and Brett Baker, Freshman: Lucy Marie and Connor Benson, Senior: Brianna Rielly and Connor Maxwell, Sophomore:  Olivia Carson and Evan Bowen