Mr. Rossiter Leaving


Mr. Rossiter will be missed by us all

Cindy Forby, Student Reporter



Mr. Rossiter speaks in chapel

Mr. Rossiter came to GCCS in 2013 to be a Bible teacher. He was a well-liked man that everyone enjoyed having in class. I had him in class last year, he was always in a good mood and was able to joke around with people. He was a godly man, he spoke in many chapels and you could see his faith in how he taught. “My favorite memory of Ross is when we would ask to go to the bathroom, he would always say ‘five total trips!’ we were allowed to go five times that quarter and he always kept count.”-Hannah Carey. He is good man and we will miss him here at GCCS.  Students would always call him Rossasourus and then someone put a dinosaur picture on his wall in his classroom with his face on it. We could always joke around with him and if we needed help or someone to talk to, he was here for us.