Penn State vs. Ohio State Set to Kickoff

Morgan Iverson , Student Reporter

No. 4 Ohio State is set to kickoff against No. 9 Penn State on Saturday, September 29th in Happy Valley. The two top teams in the Big Ten have had a pretty even history, with Ohio State leading the series 18-14. Both teams are undefeated thus far, with Ohio State beating TCU in Texas, as well as Tulane, Rutgers, and Oregon State. Penn State has topped Appalachian State, Pitt, Kent State, and Illinois. It’s sure to be a shootout, Penn State leads Ohio State by one point in scoring standings, ranked No.2 and No.3.

On the Buckeye offense side, Dwayne Haskins isn’t hesitant to use his cannon of an arm to Parris Campbell or Austin Mack. However, utilizing the speedsters, Mike Weber and J.K , Dobbins, may be the safer way to put the Bucks up seven. Whichever way Urban decides, it’s safe to say that the Buckeyes have plenty of weapons to get on the board. Penn State can send up a prayer of thanksgiving that the most powerful lineman in the game, Nick Bosa, is out for an abdominal injury.  But the the defense is anything but “basic” without Bosa, still loaded with explosive players, hungry to make some plays.

The Buckeye defense will have to keep an eye out for the Nit’s QB- Trace McSorley. In addition to that, Sanders, their running back, can move the ball. However, the defense of the Lions are sadly lacking. If the Bucks can wear the defense out early and get on the board, it’s going to be an interesting game.

The game in Beaver Stadium takes place at night, and follows tradition of being a white out. This is one of the hardest stadiums to compete in, but no doubt Haskins and the Buckeyes will execute. This game will determine who had a go at the Big 10 Championship and Playoffs in the postseason. It’ll be a game for the ages.