College Visits and Testing


Janelle Daniels, Reporter

On October 10, the freshman had career day which was when they where talked to about careers, Naviance and learning styles.  Then we had our sophomored take a Pre-ACT to get ready for future college test and to prepare them to get great scores. Our juniors took a PSAT to prepare them for taking the actual SAT and ACT for colleges. Then the seniors had a two day event of talking to colleges and learning more about what college they would like to go to. On September 18, there was a college fair at GCCS which included christian schools then on October 9 there was a college fair at COSI with over 100 colleges from all over the country. Then October 10, the seniors went to Newark on a college visit and saw the COTC. They told them about the school and financial aid with a tour around the school. Our school had provided great exposure to colleges and has taught us on what next steps we should take for our future.

Dr.Lauron-Vet, Mr.Stedtefeld-EMT, Mr.Spegal-Business owner, Mr.Rensi-Math Proffessor, Mrs.Spencer-Community outreach