Senior Night!


Senior night at GCC

Savannah Holland, Reporter

                                                                    Senior Night!

            Senior night was a great night for the football, band and cheer members! It was a bittersweet moment for the parents of  the seniors as they walked their son or daughter down the football field. The seniors made lots of memories together and were all happy that senior night was finally happening. The football players worked together and  played hard against the opposing team. The band members did amazing as they boosted morale with their exciting songs. The cheerleaders worked together to boost spirits with their fun chants. All the teams did great throughout the game and it was a night to remember for anyone who attended!

Brett B
Jacob B
Zack F
Jordan H
Zion J
Connor M
Brandon R



Carl R


Ethan M
Jesus R
Alex S


Jacob S
Tommy S
Calista M


Joanna S
Kennedy M
Danni P


Kaitlyn B
Sam W