Chapel Update


Rachel Mitchell , Reporter

Each Thursday, the entire school gathers at specific times with the intent to worship God and hear a message from a speaker. This is called chapel. At Grove City Christian, there are four ways the students spend their Thursday chapel time. The first way is in the worship center where there is worship, and a message typically delivered by Pastor David Morrison. The second way is class chapel, where Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors split off into their respective classes to worship God as a class faction.

Sophomore class chapel

The third way is small groups. Each person in the high school is assigned a small group that once a month they attend with their small group leaders. Each small group is different.

Freshman small group chapel

The fourth way pertains only to the seniors. This is kindergarten buddies. These are the ways that the school spends their chapel time.

Senior with her kindergarten buddy

The most recent chapel was October 11th. Each class met in a designated area, worshiped and heard from a speaker. While the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors did this the Seniors were hanging out with their kindergarten buddies. According to Gidgyt Hartman the seniors “Hang out, eat snacks, and play games” with their kindergarten buddies.

Senior having fun with his kindergarten buddies



Going back a few weeks, Grove City Christian met in their small groups. I talked with Olivia Ellis, a small group chapel leader, and this is what she had to say.

  • What is small group chapel?
    • Small group chapel is a time for students to come together in groups and discuss what has been going on and go through a lesson together. There are two student leaders who help facilitate the group in their discussion and help answer any questions.
  • How is the atmosphere different than normal chapel?
    • The atmosphere is more concentrated on the individuals in the group and their growth in Christ while in normal chapel, it is an overall message for all the high school students.
  • Which type of chapel do you prefer?
    • I prefer main chapel just because I enjoy having the opportunity to worship Jesus with all of my close friends.



Overall, chapel is a great way to get away from the week and bond with your friends as you worship Jesus, whether the setting be with everybody, just your class, small groups, or kindergarten buddies.