Junior Retreat

Junior Retreat

Cindy Forby, Hannah Carey, and Sydney Grace, Poll manager / Columnist

Junior retreat was a great experience to spend time with our class and learn more about our teachers. We played games and laughed with each other. It was nice to get out and be in a peaceful environment to enjoy the time we have left as a junior class. We got to fish, do high ropes, play games, play basketball, and many more fun activities. We had praise and worship time and were able to hear meaningful stories from our class mates and teachers. It was an amazing trip and I’m glad we got to bond together as a junior class.

The Junior Retreat was on March 23-24, 2017 and took place at Camp Otterbein located in Logan, Ohio.

Mr.El-Khouri and Savanna


Olivia said ” I had a blast doing high ropes and being adventurous with my favorite people.”

Savanna and Melinda

2017 Junior class

Cristian, Blake and Jason

“I had a fun time fishing and having fun with friends.” Cristian said


A bunch of students playing Gaga Ball

Kent, Caleb, Riley and Cristian