End of Football Season


Gidgyt Hartman, Student Reporter



The 2018 Football season was definitely one to remember. There were many outstanding players on the team this year and each player gave their all. There were 13 Seniors on the team who left an amazing impact on the team and the season throughout their years of playing. They will be greatly missed but the team will surely carry on their legacy and continue to lead our team to victories!  The team ended with a record of 4-6 which is very good! Something outstanding from this season is that the team kept their total opponents scores under 200 points throughout the whole season! Great job to our defense. A major highlight from this season was beating our rival Fairfield by a score of 54-7!


The last few games of the season were very rainy which caused all of the fans, cheerleaders, and even coaches to break out their ponchos and umbrellas. But the Eagle fans are very dedicated and sat through the wet and cold weather. The last game of the season was against the Ridgedale Rockets and we won with a score of 28-0. What a way to end the season with a memorable game for the Seniors and the rest of the team!


After the win, the parents and friends of the players came out onto the field to watch the annual Senior tackle. The Seniors lined up and waited for their name to be called. When their name was called, their parents were able to hold onto the tackling bag so that their child could run and tackle it. Each Senior got a turn to tackle and they had a blast. Overall, this season was fantastic and it will be exciting to see how the team does next year!