Staff V. Juniors Volleyball Game


Rachel Mitchell, Reporter

Wednesday October 31st. The entire high school followed a shortened schedule to prepare for the juniors VS. staff volleyball game. The school thrummed in anticipation for the last hurrah of the week. This game followed the game on Monday night, where the seniors faced the juniors. After an intense five sets, the juniors came out victorious. This meant that the staff had to face the juniors.  

The entire high school school sat in the bleachers and watched. The juniors began warming up, and the teachers began a warm- up of their own. The teacher’s team consisted of Mr. McCampbell, other Mr. McCampbell, Mr. Ipock, Mrs. Keim, Mr. Keating, and Mr. Heintzelman. Mrs. Snyder was subbed in occasionally. The juniors team was down one of their players, but they still had enough players to successfully face the staff. After warming up, the first set began. 

Set One: The juniors had a lack of communication, and after a long battle the teachers came out on top, winning the first set by reaching 25 first.

Set Two: A lot depended on this set. After much cheering and great volleys the teachers once again came out with the win, and therefore the overall win.

Set Three: Even though the teachers had won, both teams agreed to play this set just for fun. This round was played to 15 and the juniors secured their first and last victory of the day. Soon after the bell rang, and it was time for everybody to go home. The juniors solemn from their loss, but basking in their slight comeback, and the teachers reveling in their overall victory.