Inaugural Volleyball Powderpuff Game


Morgan Iverson , Student Reporter

The inaugural volleyball powderpuff game took place inside the GCC gym on October 29th. The game was a fundraiser for the Senior Trip, an event taking place in the spring. Junior and Senior boys faced off, with the volleyball girls coaching. The first-ever game had a great turnout, with parents, students, and teachers showing their support. Mr. Ipock led the Juniors, giving them pep talks when down. Both of the Mr.McCampbell’s supported the Senior side.

Playing best out of five, the seniors were up early, winning the first two games. However, the Juniors rallied, winning the next three sets. Maddie Lewis, the Junior coach, stated that they boys gave up strategic plays after being down, and just played for fun. That strategy worked out for them, bragging rights go to the Juniors!