Senior College Visits


Janelle Daniels , Reporter

The senior class this year went on several College visits. Gavin went to about 15 colleges himself. Between October 30 and 31, a group of students went to Grand Canyon University in Arizona. Their admissions representative, named Caitlyn Onon, showed them around the school and they even went to a basketball game. The school paid for their visit so now there are a couple students considering on going there.

Sarah Cuckler went to Hillsdale, which is in Michigan and Butler College, located in Indiana. She has applied to both and is trying to get into either one of those schools.

Gidgyt Hartman visited Otterbien and Kent which are both located in Ohio. She is highly considering Kent State University as her choice of college.

Savannah Holland went to Bowling Green which is in Ohio. She has also applied to OU which is one of her top choices of her college as well as Bowling Green.

Then several students went to OSU and then we had some students visit University of Cincinnati which is where Calista Manns will be attending college.

Kelly, Nancy Gillespie, Katie, Naomi, Brooke, Taylor, Gavin, and Brett
Grand Canyon University

As the whole class of seniors, they all went to OSU Newark to visit their campus and the COTC was there as well to show what they offer and to give more details about the school.