Yearbook Cover Contest


Savannah Holland, Reporter

Many high school students are competing in a drawling contest to see who can design the best yearbook cover for this years yearbook. Those who are in the contest are very excited to be a part of creating what may be on the front of GCCS’s yearbook, and those who are not in the contest are excited to vote on all of the creative and fun designs that were made by their peers.  This competition is a  great way for the students to express themselves in a creative and positive way, and because the competition directly affects themselves and their peers it is more exciting for everyone. The competition has taken place for many previous years before this year. The rules are that the design you submit must be different from previous covers and it needs to have an eagle incorporated into it. Each year the covers get better and better and everyone is very excited to see what the design for this year is going to be!

2012 Cover by Aaron Schuler
2014 Cover by Makayla Harr
2015 Cover by Makayla Harr
2016 Cover by Makayla Harr
2017 Cover by Angelina Gibson


2018 Cover by Jo Neff