Chapel Update


Rachel Mitchell

Last week’s chapel was held in the worship center. As the students entered they were enveloped with the ambient singing of worship leaders Zack Zaborski and his best pal Jarod Williamson.

Once all the students arrived student council began playing a message from student council president Connor Maxwell. After the video, worship began. Students went up to the front to get closer to the worship and better their experience. After three songs the worship was over and students were invited to sit in their seats. David Morrison then walked to the front and began his message about the chapel theme “Selfless Surrender.”

Pastor David talked about how we need to let God inconvenience us. Overall the chapel was very good, and soon after everybody was released to go back to their classes to begin learning once again. The message of selfless surrender fresh on the minds and hearts of GCCS is preparing the way for the christmas season.