Chapel Update


Savannah Holland, Reporter

David Morison gave a great message and the chapel band did an amazing job at leading us in worship on Thursday, January 3rd . The theme of his message was ‘Surrender’. This theme represents how God must become greater and we must become less.


He explained how negativity can greatly affect people’s life and how keeping the right mindset can help get rid of that negativity. He helped us to understand this by showing a picture of a green tree that was healthy and a tree that that was dead.






He went on to explain that staying positive and keeping a healthy mindset can help us grow in life just like the green tree, but keeping negativity in our lives and isolating ourselves can make us end up like the dead tree. He ended the message on a positive note by saying everyone struggles with negativity and nobody is alone. Listening to his message was a great way to start the new year and we can’t wait to see what future chapels bring!