Best Christmas Gifts 2018

Olivia Ellis, Student Reporter

As we came back to school last week, many students flashed new shoes, clothes, and devices on their first days back. I asked some fellow classmates their favorite gift they received on Christmas. Here are their responses and why!


Rachel- “My favorite Christmas gift was my heated blanket because I am always cold and it will keep me warm during the winter.”

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Sydney- “My favorite Christmas gift was my new running shoes because they are cute and so comfortable!”

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Gidgyt- “I got super pretty earrings I have had my eye on for a long time. They are diamonds which are obviously my favorite!”

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Morgan- “My favorite gift would be the necklace my grandma got me because it means a lot to both her and I”


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Lastly, the best gift I received was a necklace my mom and dad got me. It has my monogram on it and it is very unique.

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