Happy Exam Week!

Morgan Iverson , Student reporter

It’s exam week! As students begin to fill out study guides, create flashcards, and break out the highlighters, it’s important to be aware of good study habits. Here is a list of 5 study tips students can use to boost their grade!


  1. Don’t procrastinate! One of the worst things a student can do when it comes to studying for exams is cramming a whole semester’s worth of information in one night. The brain does not work that way, and will not benefit you come the next morning. Instead, begin to create flashcards, memorize formulas and other vital information a few days prior.
  2. Take breaks. If you sit at your desk for three hours trying to memorize the Preamble, you’ll drive yourself crazy. Study for about 30 minutes, then take a 5 to 10 minute break. Grab a snack, call a friend or cuddle with your dog, it will truly help!
  3. Flashcards, flashcards, flashcards! Whether you are trying to memorize formulas, presidents, or bible verses, this study tool will allow the information to stick!
  4. Understand your learning style. Some students learn better by hearing the information, whereas others do better with color coded item and bright highlighters. Figure out if you are a auditory, visual, or tactile learner. This won’t just help you with exams, but later on in your academic career!
  5. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself! This is a big test, but it does not define your knowledge or IQ level. Stressing will do you no good. In the end, you will know it or you won’t.


To all GCC students, you’re going to do great! Take a deep breath, say a prayer, and do your best. You got this!


Exam Schedule:

Tuesday, Jan. 15

1st period: 8:00-10:05

2nd period: 10:20-12:20


Wednesday, Jan. 16

3rd period: 8:00- 10:05

4th period: !0:20-12:20



Thursday, Jan 17

5th period: 8:00-10:05

6th period: 10:20- 12:20


Friday, Jan 18

7th period: 8:00-10:05

8th period: 10:20-12:20


Note: On Friday, there will be an early release. No study halls will be offered in the afternoon, as well as no lunch. The rest of the week are full days, with study halls offered to students who do not go home.