Spirit Week


Gidgyt Hartman, Student Reporter

Spirit week for GCCS was January 22-25. The Student Council helped to create the themes for each day so that the students could dress up and show their spirit.

Brett, Jacob, and Ethan twinning

Tuesday, January 22 was Twin Tuesday. On this day the students could find a friend to twin with and wear a similar outfit. The students did such a good job with twinning that it was hard to tell students apart!

Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. Dutiel twinning












Middle School student dressed whacky
Mrs. Snyder wearing bunny ears for Whacky Wednesday

Wednesday, January 23 was Wacky Wednesday. Students could wear the wackiest things they could find, and some girls did wacky things with their hair or make up. Many people wore crazy socks or two different shoes and it was definitely wacky!











Mrs. Ray dressed comfy for Therapeutic Thursday

Thursday, January 24 was Therapeutic Thursday. The teachers and students alike enjoyed this day because you were supposed to wear your comfiest outfits to help you have a therapeutic day. It was definitely nice and helped the students to relax!


A few members of the Broadcasting team and their interviewees looking comfy on Therapeutic Thursday












Mrs. Little and Mrs. Poling wearing Spirit Wear
Elementary student wearing Spirit Wear for Spirit Friday

And Friday, January 25 was Spirit Day. Spirit Day is when the students show their GCC pride by wearing either GCCS merchandise or the school colors blue, black, and white.













Band performing at Pep Rally



Cheerleaders performing at Pep Rally

Later in the day there was also a pep rally for the Basketball season. It was an energetic environment with excitement for Basketball and it was very nice to see all of the students showing their school pride!









Students playing Knock Out at Pep Rally










The students greatly enjoyed Spirit Week and being able to mix it up while also showing spirit towards our school! Good luck to our Basketball teams for the rest of their season, and for more information on games and times check out grovecitychristian.org athletics!