Snow Days!!

Olivia Ellis and Morgan Iverson


Photo taken by Mr. Conant

Olivia Ellis, Student Reporter

Coming back to school after our nice five day weekend was pretty tough. The week of January 28th, we had three whole days off of school because of the cold and snow! I interviewed a few people to see what they did on their days off of school.

Photo taken by Mr. Conant

Mrs. Little- “I stayed home with my kids, napped, read books, and watched Netflix!”


Mrs. Ray- “I played in the snow with my puppy and rested.”


Logan Kinstle- “During my days off, I stayed inside with my family.”


Zach Lauron- ‘I slept in and watched movies.”

These all sound relaxing, I also spent my days inside watching movies! On Tuesday and Wednesday the temperatures were nearly -30 degrees. On Friday we woke up to 5-6 inches of snow, it seemed as if Christmas came in February!

Check out the video interview about what the Kindergarten students at GCCS thought about snow days and what they like to do when they have a snow day.