Penny Wars


Rachel Mitchell, Student Reporter

Penny wars. Class against class. Walking into school on January 21st the madness began. Pennies were dumped into buckets, and quarters and dollar bills thrown into other class buckets. Not only was the competition a driving force, but who it was for. “For Crockett” was almost ricocheting off the walls with every clink of a coin placed into a bucket. The competition had highs and lows. The Freshman were winning, and then the Seniors, and then the Juniors. The lingering question of “who will come out on top?” was on everybody’s mind. In the hallways students putting in fifty dollars worth of pennies could be heard saying “For Crockett it’s worth it.”

Each grade raised insurmountable amounts of money but in the end it was 11th grade Juniors that came out on top.


4th place – Freshmen, with an ending amount of (-206.65)

3rd place – Seniors, with an ending amount of (-204.97)

2nd place – Sophomores, with an ending amount of (-148.84)

1st place – Juniors, with an ending amount of (-94.11)


Throughout the entire weeks that Penny wars took place, the passionate care that the students possess at GCCS was on display. This is truly what it means to be an Eagle.