March Madness

Brandon Von Ins, Reporter

This year Grove City Christian will be holding a March Madness tournament and you don’t want to miss out on these rewards for the winners of this years bracket. Brackets will be available March 17 and all brackets will be due back to Mr. Conant  by 3:20 on Wednesday, March 20th. You may only have 1 bracket and your name must be on the bracket you turn in.  Teachers may also be involved but no teacher’s spouses or any students below Freshman. The brackets will be graded by a points system. If you get a game correct you get a point, but if you get one wrong you don’t get a point. The student or teacher with the most amount of points will win a $25 gift card. Second place will get a $15 gift card. Third place will be rewarded a $10 gift card. Good luck and be sure to have your name on your bracket.