Kyle Korver to the Land


Kyle Korver new member in Cleveland

Noah Whitaker, Reporter


Kyle Korver is a dynamic three point shooter from the Atlanta Hawks but in a move to gain depth in the line up the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired the sharp shooter. The Cavs lost its original sharp shooting guard J.R Smith for three months to injury. So to help replace Smith the Cleveland sent Mo Williams and Mike Dunleavy away as well as a 2019 first round pick. The Cavs are trying to defend their NBA title from the biggest treat the Warriors. In a changing NBA the three ball is very important so if you get multiply shooters it will help. This move made a huge boom through the League the Bulls power forward Taj Gibson said “It is like a cheat code” when talking about Korver’s new team. Even though everyone is happy with the move, many think that Cleveland needs to make a few more moves to help defend the title. LeBron James, the star player for the Cavaliers, said that the team still needs a point guard even though they have Kyrie Irving an All Star starting, the backup rookie Kay Fielder fell to injury
so the point guard position is sca rce. Another position that needs more depth is center right. Now only one true center is on the roster this is because backup center Chris Anderson had a season ending knee injury. With the trade deadline coming up in a month the moves for the Cavs need to be made quickly. Either way the acquisition of Korver will help Cleveland win more games.