The Ronald McDonald House

Gidgyt Hartman, Student Reporter

Multiple times throughout the year, the high school students of Grove City Christian have the opportunity to go to the Ronald McDonald House to make and serve breakfast for the families who are staying there. It happens about once a month on a Saturday morning. The students get there around 7:30 A.M. and bring items such as bacon, pancake mix, eggs, etc. to prepare the food. The most recent visit we had was March 2nd. 7 students went on this early morning to make breakfast for the families.

Brooke Poling making pancakes

The students each had a job to do. Some students would whisk the pancake mix, others would have the job of placing the batter on the skillet and flipping the pancakes.







Emma and Logan making eggs







Some of the students made the eggs. Others cooked the bacon on the skillets.



Brayden and Tim making bacon









Once the food is prepared, the students place it in the metal containers at the front of the kitchen area so that the families can come up and get their food in a buffet style. The students continue to make food so that the containers are never empty, and to make sure that all of the families have had enough to eat. Milk, syrup, granola bars, and other breakfast items are provided by the Ronald McDonald House to ensure that the families have a good breakfast. Once everyone has eaten and the food is doing being cooked, the students clean up their messes and take the appliances to the back of the kitchen and help to clean them.


There will be two more trips to the Ronald McDonald House this school year: April 6th and May 4th. If you feel called to help serve and earn community service hours, this is a great way to do it!