ACSI winners


Savannah Holland and Janelle Daniels, Reporters

Grace and Kennedy
Sidney, KP, and Taylor
Cameron and Ella
Jesus and Carl
Brisen and Aubrey
Tatum and Katelynn
By: Zoey
By: Caren
Catherine and Caren
Zaria and Natalie
Zoey and Paige
Taylor and Natalie

The ACSI Art Festival is an art show with students artwork from grades 3rd-12th grade from 14 different schools across Ohio. This year the festival took place on April 6th at Cedarville University. All the artwork was judged by a panel and given a ranking of Superior, Excellent or Good. The students who attend the festival have the fun opportunity to participate in an art workshop. The GCCS students did an amazing job on all of their art pieces and got to see their art displayed at the festival.